Travelling makes me happy

I am certain I am not alone when I say that travelling makes every single part of me feel happy. It's not just about travelling though. It’s the whole experience from start to finish and everything in between– Deciding where to go, what to do, what to pack, what not to pack, how to pack, how to unpack and repack and unpack again. Which products to take with (if you anything like me it’s always the newest and nicest items in my cupboard), making sure all the lists are ticked off and that you have all the important stuff with you. Don’t forget that passport – I think I check its in my bag over 50x before I even arrive at a airport.

This is me before any holiday, internationally or locally. Packing for some can feel stressful. I used to feel embarrassed when I arrived at the airport with always having the biggest suitcase, but over the years I have learned it's better to overpack and be prepared! Sure as I am walking through one of the world's biggest airports lugging a heavy suitcase around I am thinking, seriously Candice you really could have packed lighter…But in the end, I never regret it.

The ONLY real concern I have while travelling is that my luggage will never arrive. Everyone's worst nightmare.

I have however over the years of all my travelling learned some really fun travel hacks, always enjoyed wearing the dress I wasn’t going to take but ended up squeezing in there just in case and never had any luggage go missing thankfully.

Also now I am finally after being in the travel industry for over 20 years going to share my travels along the way for others to enjoy and hopefully get some use out of. Facebook for me was always like a virtual travel diary -  But I am excited to have this platform now to share my trips with you along the way.

This is me. At the young naïve age of 22 on my first solo international trip in Madagascar. Sailing through all the small island of Madagascar sleeping in a tent on a deserted beach ! Before Filters, or Smartphones. This picture was taken on a actual camera, with a roll of film, that I had to get developed after and save onto a CD to keep for future use.  

I'd love to hear you comment on what your first destination you travelled internationally was too is?