Travel Collectables

Other than amazing memories & photographs of our travels, many of us have something we always collect along the way. For me it is a small reminder every day when I see them of the incredible places I have been but also its such a great talking point when I have friends who visit our home. 

In the beginning I used to only collect Fridge magnets, but I have also introduced collecting coffee mugs, modes of transport ornaments, Christmas Tree ornaments and children’s books.


When I went to New York City for the first time I stumbled across this book “Good Night Central Park” which my daughter loves.

Since she wasn’t with us for the trip, when we got home we were able to read to her all the experiences you can have in Central Park and for her it felt like she then knew more about our trip. She would ask us did you see the ice skating in the park? 

When we went back to NYC the second time I found a follow on book too “Good Night New York City”. Its now something I am keen on adding to collection 

It’s a real hit in our house and we read these books at least once a week to her.

It helps keep the trip alive for me for years to come and I cant wait to collect many more with my future travels