My Bucket List

Let’s talk Bucket List Travels. Now more than ever it’s time to plan that once in a lifetime holiday.

When Covid-19 hit and travel came to a complete standstill it made me and I am sure the rest of the world realize just how much we should all be living in the moment more and taking those chances and never saying no to any travel again.

For me, the top of my bucket list was always New York City. From watching countless movies seeing the magic in the movies that is NYC to watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S & Sex in the City growing up it was something that I had always wanted to experience.

It only took me 35 years to get there but when my husband and I went to NYC for the first time in 2018 it DID NOT Disappoint.

In fact, it was so good, we went back again in Summer the following year with friends.

If I had an endless supply of money to spend of travelling it would most definitely be on my list to visit once a year. I usually get quite teary when I leave a new place. It steals a piece of my heart, but when I left New York I got very emotional. In fact it felt like home to us.

We have been there in Winter, (Did not see snow sadly), Summer, and next I want to experience Autumn, Halloween and Christmas & the NYE Ball drop with the kids when they are old enough to appreciate it.


NYC was always on the top of my bucket list that after we left on the plane home I got thinking, where to next – What is going to be the next big bucket list destination for me.

So I compiled a list of destinations and experiences I have on my list to visit and experience (I will keep updating it I am sure) and why these are on my bucket list:

Paris – It is the city of love – And after watching Emily in Paris on Netflix its convinced me even more I want to go there. Also, my son has been learning French and I promised him before he is 18 to take him there.

    Greece – Because I crave the blue crystal-clear waters and warmth! And because of Mama Mia obviously.

      Kenya – to stay at The Giraffe Manor Hotel so I can eat breakfast with Giraffes. I mean?!
                 Image from Giraffe Manor Website

        Germany – to visit the Fairy-tale Town in Bremen

          Utah to visit the Amangiri Hotel in Canyon Point

          The Amalfi Coast Italy – to view their amazing sunsets!

          Northern Lights Norway– Because I know this would make my husband very happy and because its an absolute once in a life time experience.
            Maldives again but this time to stay at Soneva Jani and have a water villa with a slide experience - This is beyond dreamy!
              So that's the list - Hope its inspired you to make your own list.
              When my husband & I first met we made a little bucket list together.

              Which I had forgotten about, and years later found. I should frame it actually. Without even realizing it we had ticked off 9 out of the 10 items.

              Visiting NYC was one of them. The 10th that I haven't yet achieved was a silly dream of mine to own a BMW X5 - How young and naïve I was back then. My dreams have definitely changed as I have matured. Lucky me!

              You don't realize that sub-consciously when you create a dream and you write it down to be accountable for it , it makes that dream seem easier to achieve.

              Just remember don't sit worrying about the future that you forget to enjoy the moment!