Meet Candice, the Organsied Traveller

Hi – I am Candice

If you asked someone to describe me in two words, they would say she is organised & absolutely loves to travel. That is where my name comes from.

I live in Cape Town. I love books, yoga, the beach, dogs and seeing new places.

Married to a clever, strong & interesting guy & we have 2 beautiful children together.

Our home is crazy, busy, nonstop, and always on the go, but full of love. I am an Optimist; I realise that things may not always be perfect, but I believe that things will always be better in the future.

I believe in Fairy tales & following my dreams. I started Organised Traveller because one of the most exciting things for me about planning a holiday is the packing. I love all things Floral & anything that makes my life easier when travelling.

I hope you enjoy the products I have created and that it makes your life easier when you travel and it brings you many happy moments while packing!