Let’s talk my BEST travelling movies

One of my other most favorite things to do is to watch a great movie.

One that inspires me, that speaks to me, that resonates with me. If it made me cry, which is tough to do, you know it’s won my heart forever.

I don’t like horror movies, I am not a fan of superhero movies except Iron Man & Transformers, But I love a good love story and comedy with some adventure and the occasional feel-good story about dogs.

What I will never say no to is a movie that is all about travelling.

Below is my favorite list of movies that I simply cannot get enough of:


The Holiday

Two girls from different countries swap homes for the holidays to get away from their relationship issues.

Now it is a love story combined with travelling but what I love most about this film however is the complete chaos the 2 girls find themselves in being in a completely different country. It's exactly how travelling feels for me when I travel. It's exciting yet daunting trying to navigate this new place. But the best is when you leave a destination it has stolen a piece of your heart, and you are forever changed by this adventure.

It’s a tradition in my house on Christmas Eve to put this film on. 

In fact if you speak to friends that know me very well...My dream home vibe is that of Kate Winslet house in this film. 

UNDER THE TUSCAN SUNGreat Book, Great Movie

This was one of the very first travel books I ever read and then when the movie came out, I watched it.

Diane Lane is a writer in the movie that gets divorced and decides to buy a house in Tuscany to change her life. She of course falls in love, eats tons of pasta and drinks lots of wine , learns so much about herself and in between all the challenges she faces just has the best time. It's such a great feel-good movie!


With one of my favorite Actresses Julia Roberts. In this movie, her world comes crashing down when she gets divorced and decides to embark on a life-changing journey to rediscover herself. She travels to Italy, India & Indonesia.

My best scene in this movie gave some advice which has been everlasting for me

Watch here

Life is too short to go travelling and not eat all the delicious local cuisine. I like that they are just enjoying the moment. Plus I really have to go to Naples and get a pizza that good looking! 


2 Terminally ill men only have 6 months left to live, they decide to explore life and make a bucket list of all the things they want to try but just never did.

Some great feel-good moments in here with lots of humor. A firm reminder to us all that we should always seize every moment and live like its our last day and life is far too short not to be kind, thoughtful and loving.


This iconic group of friends is one of the reasons New York City was so high on my bucket list. In the 2nd film, the friends decide they need a break from life’s pressures and they join their friend Samantha in Abu Dhabi for a girl’s adventure. What could be more fun than a group of long lasting friends going on a girls adventure together. This feel good movie has some great moments in it. It also speaks to moms and single women alike about all the pressures we always facing and that sometimes taking that moment to do something on the whim is just what you need!


Facing widowhood and ageing a couple of British ladies decide to give retirement a skip and instead of being sent to retirement homes they follow an advertisement for the Marigold Hotel in India.

This film shows you how deeply travel can impact us, no matter age. Some really fun moments in here too. 

Thats it!  

I am sure some of these are your favorites and there are plenty of other fantastic options out there too. This is mine, and its only scratching the surface.