Goose Bump Moments - Dubai Fountain

If you have not been to Dubai yet its really a must!

I have been lucky enough to go twice and experience two sides of UAE.

For those who do not know Emirates is not just the name of the airline of UAE.

Dubai is a city and Emirate in United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is 1 of 7 Emirates that make up the UAE. The biggest Emirate is Abu Dhabi.

I have visited Dubai & Ras al Khaimah, 2 of the Emirate.

Dubai is known for its luxury shopping, amazing architecture, and nightlife scene. I will go into detail more about Dubai and Ras al Khaimah in another blog, but this blog is all about the goose bump moment I got when I witnessed the incredible Dubai Fountains for the first time.

Dubai Fountain is a choreographed fountain system on the manmade Burj Khalifa Lake – Performances are held daily and last up to 5 minutes. It does not cost anything you can go stand around fountain and view it. It is pretty much visible from every point on the lake from neighboring areas.

The best spot is the Waterfront boardwalk outside The Dubai Mall.

The fountain has the ability to shoot water up to 500 feet. Which is as high as a 50 story building. (This is the point my husband would say , Cands do you even know what 500 feet is?) 

It can also spray 22 000 gallons of water in the air at any time. It features water, lights, and a music spectacle. It plays a variety of songs from classical to Arabic and international music.

Before visiting Dubai I didn’t even realize this was a thing?! But let me tell you when I watched the performance for the first time, I literally got goosebumps and tears in my eyes.

I have seen it a few times now and each time its like I am seeing it for the first time. I am so fascinated by how amazing and beautiful this show actually is. 

Make sure that if you ever get a chance to visit Dubai this is something you add to your list. I promise it will not disappoint.

One of the things I am not good at is taking good videos. I get caught up in the moment too much so I don't have any videos to show you just yet - My next trip I will make sure I take some good ones. But do yourself a favor and google it and add it to top of your must visit if you ever in Dubai. Its phenomenal!